Company History

agarwal packers and movers agarwal packers and movers

Company History

Agarwal International Moving.Com Packers and Movers is the first-rate moving company in India that made its debut in 1987. The remarkable journey from 1987 till today was full of obstacles, challenges, problems and was not easy in any way, but that was not a reason enough to slow down our operations or weaken the vision once defined by the founder of our company . Now, we have raised our bars to such heights which has made us acceptable among many people and that has furthermore contributed in making us the Largest Mover of Household Goods in India, which has also been recognized by Limca Book of Records. Delve into the awe-inspiring history; you will see the seed of an idea growing into the company as big as to become one of the largest companies in Indian logistics sector.

Mid 2000s – Innovation

Pic 1: Introducing Perfect Box – a sturdy box that protects the goods from all types of external damage, moisture and water

Pic 2: Introducing Fabric Sheets – a promising packaging sheet that saves cost by 26% and improves quality by 260%

Pic 3: Launched Double-Door Household Carriers; Former IPS Kiran Bedi gracing the event

We fortified our Research and Development department, as this was the time when India witnessed Globalization’s real effects. Innovation was the technique that we adopted to continue outperforming. We absorbed some of the special concepts that were the resultant of our endeavors to end each hassle of our customers in the most innovative and inventive way. During this period, we came up with concepts like Double-Door Household Carriers, Perfect Boxes, Fabric Sheets, Trendy Bags, etc. These unique concepts were acclaimed a lot for upraising the quality of our services to the peerless level and setting the standards in the field of packing and moving.

Furthermore, by this time, Information Technology came into the picture, and so, we went on transforming our network and offices from manual to computerized and well connected. We started using different facets of IT to our advantage, in the form of ERP and VTS, and reaped the benefits of E-Commerce by making the ways to reach us by our customers uncomplicatedly. Online enquiry forms, online payment mode, online consignment tracking, etc. everything simplified the ways of dealing.

agarwal packers and movers

Late 2000s – Penetration and Going Global

Pic 1: Our Home Storage services

Pic 2: Our Car-Carrier services

Pic 3: Our International Warehouses

Pic 4: Our Vehicle Transportation services

Late 2000s was the period when we decided to take up new assignments as well. We went, in addition, global! Brimming with confidence, we were getting enough impetus to touch as many borders as we could with our essence, and hence, we went on tackling international relocation with zeal to grow by leaps and bounds. Gradually, we registered our patent/TM in a number of countries including USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. We gained enough knowledge and competence to perform the task of moving from India to almost 182 different countries in the world and vice versa.

agarwal packers and movers

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